Buffalo Wild Wings Drops Litigation against Florida Franchisee

Minneapolis-based Buffalo Wild Wings has agreed to drop a legal dispute initiated by Orlando area businessman Andrew Gross, who formerly owned 10 stores in Central Florida.

Gross and the company dropped claims against each other, according to a stipulation filed Wednesday. Both parties agreed to bear their own legal costs for the suit.

Buffalo Wild Wings bought back Gross’s ten restaurants in October 2014, for $22 million. The company has alleged that Gross was supposed to build 12 stores in Central Florida but fell behind and wasn’t able to finance the final two.

Buffalo also alleged that Gross’s company didn’t properly maintain the restaurants, allowed inventory shortages, and had fewer employees per store than a contract required. Buffalo demanded about $1 million to cover the alleged damages.

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100 Montaditos Franchise Fight Is Heating Up

In the bankruptcy case of the little Spanish sandwiches, a big fight is heating up.

During a hearing last week, a federal judge said the South Florida franchise of 100 Montaditos could shut down despite the bankruptcy filing of the Spanish restaurant’s U.S. arm.

The ruling was basically a formality—the bankruptcy code might have prevented the franchisee from shutting down his operations without the judge’s approval—but it preserved the ability of franchisees and the company to take legal action against each other in the future.

And further legal action is something that franchisees are planning, said Leon Hirzel of Hirzel Dreyfuss, a lawyer for a group of current and former franchisees. Mr. Hirzel declined to provide more details on the nature of the coming action.

“The bankruptcy is an attempt to absolve liability across the Atlantic Ocean,” he said, referring to 100 Montaditos’ Spanish parent company. Mr. Hirzel says the Spanish company never adequately capitalized the U.S. spinoff, an allegation the parent firm denies.

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Ley de Franquicias Presentación de León Hirzel en la Conferencia Globofran

"¿Cómo evaluar una franquicia desde un punto de vista Legal?"

(Presentación de vídeo en YouTube)

León Hirzel abogado de franquicias de Hirzel Dreyfuss & Dempsey, PLLC explica qué es un FDD, que es la FTC y qué se debe revisar del FDD de la franquicia, León es abogado especialista en FDD y nos presentará cuáles son los Items más importantes de este documento y en cuáles de ellos debemos detenernos a revisar a detalle al momento de revisar el FDD que nos ofrezaca una franquicia a comprar en los Estados Unidos.  (Presentado en Globofran en Agosto de 2014)