The law firm of Hirzel Dreyfuss & Dempsey utilizes sophisticated technology to more efficiently and effectively represent our clients' interests.  Our firm operates under Mac, Windows, and Unix operating systems — ensuring compatibility with virtually any form of electronically stored information.

Our strategic use of advanced technology is not limited merely to one aspect of our legal practice; we leverage technology to better serve our clients and to more effectively advance our clients' goals at every phase of our representation.  Most of the technology we use is customized in-house and located on-site.  Hirzel Dreyfuss & Dempsey's professionals have personally customized our information processing systems using a variety of programming and scripting languages (including Cocoa-Objective-C, Swift, Applescript, and Unix Shell Scripting Commands).  Our in-house servers run one of the most advanced optical character recognition systems available, which allow our servers to convert thousands of pages of documents into text-readable PDF files.  

Our customized Database system uses highly advanced AI-like algorithms to sort, analyze, aggregate, summarize, and pinpoint the most relevant information.  In some of our representations, a single case may involve well in excess of 30,000 megabytes (which includes several 100,000s of pages of documents or equivalent electronically stored information).  In many instances, all of the document processing, database construction, and database management services are provided to our clients without any additional charge.

When it comes to compiling and presenting voluminous amounts of information and data, The law firm of Hirzel Dreyfuss & Dempsey utilizes a variety of hardware and software to produce compelling visualizations, interactive timelines, mindmaps, keyword clouds, and other advanced demonstratives.  At a meeting, negotiation, mediation, arbitration, hearing, or trial, our firm is able to present such demonstratives in a variety of formats:  traditional printed materials, enlargements, via projectors, via LED computer screens, and even on iOS devices such as iPads.

Our technological resources are combined to enable The law firm of Hirzel Dreyfuss & Dempsey to efficiently (i) collect virtually all forms of physical or electronic information; (ii) process and convert such information into the most usable formats; (iii) analyze extremely large amounts of documents and data to locate the most relevant and important information; and (iv) compile and present such information in a compelling and effective manner to advance our clients' interests and goals.