A gay bar opens upstairs. Downstairs, Burger & Beer Joint loses its franchise.

The law firm of Hirzel Dreyfuss & Dempsey is representing franchisees who own multiple Burger & Beer Joint restaurant locations in Florida and in San Juan, Puerto Rico.  Our clients have recently had their franchise agreements terminated by the parent Franchisor company.  

The parent Franchisor company explicitly stated in a formal notice to our clients that the South Beach Burger & Beer Joint was being terminated solely because an after-hours gay nightclub was operating on the second level of the building.

We and our clients are shocked to have their restaurants placed at risk and their SoBe location forced to close.  Discrimination is not appropriate anywhere, but it is very surprising to find it on South Beach in 2017.  Our clients and the attorneys at the law firm of Hirzel Dreyfuss & Dempsey oppose discrimination against the LGBT community and hope that the parent Franchisor company will admit what they did was wrong and unacceptable.

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